Margaret Kenyatta40

First lady Margaret Kenyatta is one of the most humble, kind and social people around just like her husband Uhuru Kenyatta. Margaret Kenyatta is among the few female personalities who have done a lot for the country and still do. Through her Beyond Zero Campaign, she has been able to touch the hearts of many.

Photographic Evidence Showing That Uhuru Kenyatta Is The Best President In The World

On 8th Some members of the first family jetted out of the country to Uganda and from the look of things, they really enjoyed their stay in the Matoke land.

Margaret Kenyatta40

Yesterday First Lady Margaret Kenyatta toured the source of the River Nile (the largest river in Ugandan) with her Ugandan counterpart, son Muhoho amongst other Ugandan officials. Photos of the two first ladies caused a stir on social media as they seemed to be free, relaxed and enjoying the beauty of nature. Check out the photos