Jalango and wife Amina Chao

Comedian Jalango’s wife Amina Chao has little to no digital footprint.

She loves her privacy and will keep it that way.

This is especially good for her because the moment Jalango took his boys to visit her parents, the interwebs went crazy.

There was a raging debate about Luo men not marrying their Luo women.

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Amina Chao
Amina Chao

Jalang’o is a Luo while Amina is Taita.

“When I met my wife, the tribe was not the first thing I saw in her,” Jalang’o explained in a lengthy social media post.

“I saw someone I wanted to spend my life with and it never occurred to me that she was a Taita. Before she is a Taita, she is my wife. Help me welcome my wife home in peace.”

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Jalango and wife Amina ChaoPraising his wife, Amina, the comedian continued, “My wife is good and polite she doesn’t have a lot of traction on social media. We have been with her for soooooo long, she is the mother of my children.”

Jalango and Amina have been dating for over 4 years now.

Jalango added, “Don’t worry guys when the day of my wedding comes, you will know you will get invites, or not.”

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Anyhow, here is a rare photo of Jalango and Amina on a night out.

Amina Chao
Jalango and Amina Chao

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