I always knew I wanted to go to university almost as soon as I started school. And while the subjects I wanted to study kept on changing, my desire to attend a great university was the one constant. I always assumed that when I was old enough I would just be in university, much in the same way, one day I was in primary school, the next I was in high school.

Of course the reality was quite different – something I found out as soon as I started my A levels. You didn’t just organically move onto being a university student, you have to apply to different ones. You have to research the different subjects, you have to visit campuses and meet teachers and make what is one of the most important decisions of your adult life.

I studied in the UK and the application process itself was an exhaustive one. It involved travelling to different universities around the country trying to figure out which one would be the best fit. I met with countless career advisers to pinpoint the correct subject, because as much as I knew the field I wanted to work in, I underestimated just how many different courses were available.

Then there was the application itself, preparing my personal statement, tailoring it so it was applicable to all the universities I was applying to, making sure it was coherent and contained all the information that would lead to at least one acceptance. Because, as I was reminded many times throughout the process, there are thousands of other students vying for the same universities as you, so you have to stand out.

A graduate at University of Birmingham. Photo / Uniserv Education
A graduate at University of Birmingham. Photo / Uniserv Education

One of the greatest helps during the whole process was going to university fairs, because it allowed me to get an idea of everything that was available without having to travel to each individual school. And for those of you thinking of travelling abroad for university Uniserv’s International education fair should be marked in your diaries.

Choosing to study abroad is a huge decision. You not only have to decide on a university, you have to choose the country you want to move to. You have to think about your Visa applications, accommodation, finances and a change in lifestyle. Luckily, Uniserv’s can help with all of that.

With over 30 universities in attendance and over 200 universities around the world in their network, the fair is a fantastic opportunity for international students to familiarize themselves with the educational landscape in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Hungary and South Africa.

They offer their services for free and offer current information on higher education choices open to students in East Africa, helping students apply and enrol at reputable institutions. In addition to this you can meet and talk to students, lecturers and professors directly – something you can’t get with just internet research.

This month’s fair will be held at the Laico Regency Hotel from September 22nd- 23rd and will also allow undergraduate and postgraduate students to get career counselling as well as help with Visa applications.

Meet representatives from over 40 top ranked institutions in: USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, UK. Photo / Uniserv Educatio

So if you are ready to take that next big step and master your destiny, make sure you don’t miss out on Uniserv’s international education fair. Registration to attend is free.

For more information, call or Whatsapp the number 0790 877870 or email [email protected]

To register for Uniserv’s international education fair, visit the Uniserv website here