Khensani Maseko, the university student who committed suicide

Cases of young university students committing suicide are not alien to us. In the recent past, we have reported several cases from universities across the world and it’s time guiding and counselling is introduced to all learning institutions and made compulsory.

Well, the latest sad news is from South Africa after a university student committed suicide.

Khensani Maseko, a 23-year-old beautiful lady, who was studying law at one of the prestigious universities in Africa, Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, is no more.

Khensani Maseko

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Khensani Maseko, who was the campus Miss Varsity and Rhodes Student Representative Council, was was raped by her boyfriend in May this year, and on 3rd August, she committed suicide. Maseko’s body was found in her bedroom at her family home a few kilometers away away from her university.

Khensani Maseko

Her rapist boyfriend was her schoolmate.

South African lady
Khensani Maseko, the university student who committed suicide

According to South African blogs, the student reported the rape case to the administration but little was done, leaving her depressed.

Days before her death, the university student shared a pic of her and her late grandmother and revealed that she was feeling her (grandmother) spirit and that she knew she was communicating with her.

Khensani Maseko

She captioned;

Gogo, the bond between us is so deep. Heard your voice just now and I know your spirit knows what mine feels😭

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In the last post, the date she committed suicide, the beautiful lass shared her date of birth and the last day she knew was going to be her last on earth.

Khensani Maseko

She wrote;

No one deserves to be raped

Was this a premonition?

The rapist has since been suspended from the school and a statement by the vice chancellor Sizwe Mazibela read;

Her death has left the University in total shock and anger and her fellow students are calling on the police and South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority to launch an inquest into the student’s death

As the Rhodes University community, we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to her family, loved ones, and everyone that knew her.

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