It is sad that we have lost a promising young soul to matatu madness. Kenya is grappling with the uncontrollable menace that is the matatus.

Unfortunately, they offer transport to many Kenyans who cannot afford their own private means of travel. The feeling that matatus are a menace is shared by many. Read the link below for their opinions on the matter.

NKTEST! 11 Things Kenyans Absolutely Hate About Matatus

The recent incident involving matatu is one where a high school student hanging on a matatu died after fall in Marakwet. The secondary school student died on Tuesday after falling off a speeding matatu in Biretwo, Elgeyo Marakwet county.

Witnesses said the St Peter’s Kobulwo Secondary School learner was hanging on the matatu when he fell off at Tambach area.

It is always wise to observe road safety rules. Kama wewe sio makanga, stop acting like one.

Epke chief Samuel Kipsat said he was among many travelling back from Marakwet – they had been sent away for school fees. The sad part if that the parents thought the student is tacked away safely in school, learning.

May he rest in peace.

Ambulance, The Driver Of Rongai Killer Matatu Released On SH1 Million Bond (DETAILS)

“The vehicle is being held at Tambach police station,” he said, adding the body was taken to Iten County Referral Hospital mortuary.

County police commander Sharif Abdallah said several students had been hanging dangerously on the matatu.

Abdallah said the matatu’s driver and conductor will be punished.

“We will take action against them for overloading and speeding,” he said

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