Bob Collymore
Bob Collymore with his friends

Kenyans continue to shower Bob Collymore with praises even in death.

On Wednesday, Bob Collymore’s close friends popularly known as the Boys club’ were on eff Koinange show (JKL) to celebrate his life.

Each one of them shared how they met Bob and how their relationship was like.

Bob Collymore's friends

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Jeff Koinange, the host and also a friend to Bob revealed that he was the first to meet the Safaricom Boss among their circle.

I will say this without fear od contradiction. I met Bob first before all of you. You know that. I’m his oldest friend out of Safaricom that is. 

Peter Kenneth responded to him saying,

Unfortunately, we thought he was a bodyguard of Michael Joseph [everyone burst into laughter].

Koinange said that there was a time he left a group and Bob added him back immediately.

My most stubborn moment with Bob was when I left the WhatsApp group…but less that 10 minutes later he had put me back and said “…nobody exits, it’s a one-way street.

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Kenyans reacted to the show with many applauding the five for being real friends to Collymore. One Twitter user tweeted,

CEOs and MDs can make time to meet their friends every Tuesday! So what excuses have you been giving for that meet up? @KoinangeJeff #JKLive

Well, before he passed away on July 1, Bob Collymore and his friends spent the better part of Saturday, July 29 with his. According to Koinange, Bob’s friends knew he was going to die.

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Bob Collymore succumbed to cancer on July 1 and was cremated on 2nd. His memorial mass will be held today at the All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi.
Bob Collymore
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