Ruth Matete

It is ‘easy’ for many to say you are their best friend until a storm tests this claim.

Sometimes the storm in your life has nothing to do with you but has everything to do with those around you.

Ruth Matete’s life started with difficulty, her parent got her when they were in school but they didn’t marry each other, her mother being single and in need of assistance got married to a drunkard man who used to beat her every day.

The stepdad since he didn’t appreciate Ruth as a daughter started to be abusive to her too.

She didn’t go to school all she did was house chores.

Due to her mother being beaten, she couldn’t be able to do the chores since she was in and out of the hospital.

When she was seven years old her mother introduced her to her dad, Abel Munga, who took her to Nairobi, he was working and married.

The stepmother was not good to her either, she used to beat her for any reason.

“Once alinichapa na mwiko mpaka ikavunjika kwasababu sikuwa nimeoga.” She explains.
One day my step mother packed and went and since then it has been me and my dad. He said he will take care of me until I can do it myself then he will think of himself. My dad is so selfless and I love him.” She added. They have struggled their way out to where they are.

To Ruth singing came as a responsibility not as a passion as most musician can say.

Her dad heard her hum a song and told her to do the same and that how she began the journey of music.

I went to Daystar University and joined a group known as AFRIZO’ this group used to go to US for 3 months and sing so that the people could donate for student who are not able to pay fees. So after going to us she came and continued her studies.
When Tusker Project Fame (TPF) came I joined and that when I was known and came out a winner. People knew her as a world person when they saw her in church were like “ayah! Ameokoka?”

That when she started battles with the church. But later on she worked it out.

In November 2019 she was married to John Olakamnmi Apewajoyo, a Nigerian pastor in a colourful ceremony.

John Apewajoye died on April 12 in a gas accident. Nigerian Embassy asked to have the body detained pending investigations. Life has been a struggle since the husband’s death.

People would randomly and anonymously accuse her of her husband’s death.

Including the husband’s close friends to an extent of being denied the chance to bury him in a timely fashion.

“My husband did not bear any marks of injuries of his body.” Samples were also picked from his body for use in conducting toxicological tests.

Ruth Matete
Heavily pregnant Ruth Matete

The four pathologists represented the deceased’s wife, the government, Bellevue South hospital and Jessy Mc Jessiey, the Nigerian national who had accused Ms Matete of having a hand in the deceased’s death.

Present from heaven! Ruth Matete celebrates late hubby’s gift to her

Despite having to struggle to be strong not everyone believed her story. She believes that everything works in the purpose of God and for a reason.

Despite all that, she made it through and even welcomed her daughter after a pre-eclampsia scare.