Kenyan comedian turned Lyft taxi driver David The Student was involved in an altercation in the USA where a passenger verbally abused him when asked to wear a mask.

According to David’s narration to the media outlets in the states, he picked up the couple at a bar on Tuesday night Nov 17, 2020. When the woman came out, she was wearing a mask, but the man accompanying her wasn’t.

David the student

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When the comedian noticed the man had removed his mask during the short ride he asked him to put it on. David repeated his request twice but the man didn’t answer.

“Hey, sir. Could you kindly put on your mask?. ‘Hey, sir. Put on your mask, please, for my safety and the passengers I’m going to pick up after this,” he said.

That’s when he said the man called him the “n-word” and refused to put on his mask.

David terminated the ride and started filming the angry mzungu passenger. The video went viral. The outrage by netizens saw Lyft deactivate the passenger’s account.

He was also later fired from his job over the racist tirade.

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Read his apology to David.

I humbly apologize for my behavior towards David K. the Lyft driver on Tuesday night. I should have never said the things I said nor acted like a complete idiot. He didn’t deserve that. Nobody does. I had too much to drink and lost control of my tongue and I said horrible things that I truly regret. Watching the video was hard for me, it was if I didn’t recognize the person. I let myself down, I let my friends and family down, I let my company down, I let our whole country down. I ask for forgiveness and mercy from literally everyone especially David the driver, the Lyft community, my family and friends and our community.

In an interview with the press, David said that he is considering all his legal options over the assault.

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