Diamond Platnumz’s mother has sent his ex-lover Wema Sepetu a strong message.

Wema is currently behind bars after she was sentenced to seven days in prison awaiting a court decision on her bail application.

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Wema was sentenced yesterday by Magistrate Maria Kasonde after she skipped two court sessions, among them the hearing of a case where she is facing charges of being found in possession of 1.80 grams of marijuana.

Kasonde ordered Wema Sepetu to be put in custody for seven days until her next bail hearing which will be on June 24.

Diamond’s mother has shared old pics she took with the actress-cum-socialite and accompanied by a strong message which read,

Be strong my love 💕 @wemasepetu

Wema Sepetu

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Pole Hamisa! Diamond Platnumz’ mother and sister Esma shower Wema Sepetu with love

Diamond’s sister Esma also shared the same message, telling her to be strong

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Be strong my love 💕 @wemasepetu

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Diamond’s mother and sister have always showered Wema with love, leaving many speculating that they want her to get back with Diamond.