Betty Kyallo and daughter

Betty Kyallo is one celebrity who’s loved and hated in equal measure.

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The K24 presenter recently left many shedding tears after she narrated how her daughter Ivanna was hospitalised for four months in 2019 and it only took God’s hand to heal her.

As another year once again comes to an end I can’t help but reflect and look back as this year has been a special one; difficult and extremely challenging to me and my family. It took a lot of convincing for me to share what I am about to share due to its sensitivity and privacy in nature, however I feel I won’t have done my duty to thank God for not abandoning us If I decide to be silent about it. If at the end of this message I will give heart to someone going through the same challenge, anxiety, fear and Loneliness I’ll sleep better. Early this year my sweet lovely daughter Ivanna was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It was marked by a sudden widespread attack of inflammation in the Brain and spinal cord called ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis)
Basically this disease damages the protective coating of the nerve fibers called myelin that act as conducters to all muscles for basic human functionality. What this means is that one day my beautiful four year old daughter stopped walking, soon stopped talking, soon stopped eating soon was so drowsy couldn’t keep her eyes open and thereafter went into a deep coma that she had to be taken to ICU and put on life suppport for a whole month. For the Larger part of her diagnosis doctors couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her. We did numerous tests looking at every organ and blood but for a long time of hospitalization in Nairobi Hospital Children’s ward we couldn’t find it. All the while she kept deteriorating every day losing one function after another. Today she could talk the next day she couldn’t make a sentence. Etc. Thanks to God and the brilliant doctors that were so kind and gracious in their work and how they diligently treated my daughter especially Dr Ismail primary ICU pediatric carer for my daughter, the overall lead Neurologist carer Dr Oyatsi and ICU nurses, Ward doctors and nurses we finally found a name to what was eating her. ADEM. As a mother this was my lowest time, I was crushed every day seeing my daughter wasting away and Couldn’t do anything. Full post on my Verified Facebook Fan page BETTY KYALLO. SHE IS FULLY HEALED. AMEN! 😊’ read Betty’s post.


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This followed by local celebrities led by Victoria Rubadiri, praising her for being a great mother to her daughter after parting ways with baby daddy Dennis Okari.

Below are the encouraging and powerful messages to Betty.

victoria_rubadiri @bettymuteikyallo you are one incredible woman!!! Thanks for sharing and reminding us that we serve a GREAT God. Prayers up for Ivanna🙏🏽

thatchicklyndan thank you for sharing this. thank you for being such a strong mama. and thank you for sharing your strong little girl with us who need a testimony like this. Thank you

namelesskenya 🙏🏾🙏🏾 strength of a great mother. Praise God for keeping you both through this. Amen

okwarayvonne Praying for you and Ivanna. She shall be well. You’re a strong woman and strong mother! Thanks for sharing this. God bless y’all

sowairina So brave of you dear & so very proud of you🙏🏾God is a Faithful God & full healing & Restoration is her portion🙏🏾Sending you love from me & the girls♥️♥️

sheilamwanyigha Sending you and baby great big hugs and love. God is good.

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zkananu God is faithful…we thank him for healing…Ivanna, you’ve proven to the world that our God lives, he is a miracle worker, he loves you and will forever watch over you, stay strong girl ❤️

michelle.ntalami @bettymuteikyallo You are such a strong woman! God is truly faithful!

luciamusau Wow Betty! It’s amazing how we all see each other on social media and don’t realize what might be going on in real life! Glad she is well. Lots of hugs to you and your little sunshine!

officialxtatic Oh my, love, 💜💜💜💜. You are so strong. Sending you love, and glad the little girl is well 💜💜💜💜

joydoreenbiira How you managed to have the strength to go to work, always with a smile on your face is a testament of Gods love for you… faith moves mountains. Thank God for healing and may Ivanna grow into who and what you’ve always dreamed and wished her to be. You’re one strong human @bettymuteikyallo may 2020 be better

aeedah_bambi @bettymuteikyallo God is great!! He is merciful!! This was a tough time but you made it out strong! I love you two so much❤️

kawirajoy To God be the Glory. Sending my love to the little Princess💕

joabmwaura God is good…..God knows better. He can’t allow us to go through what we can’t handle..He is GOD, he has purpose and ways beyond our imagination🌹

dianaopoti ♥️ Bless you Betty.. Glad to hear she is well now. Must have been heartbreaking and difficult for you. Grateful that all is well

revlucynatasha Such a touching testimony! She is marked for greatness. May the hand of God be upon her always. She is blessed to have you as a Mum @bettymuteikyallo

massawejapanni Oh dear. May God see her through in every milestone 🙏 Blessings 🙏

terryannechebet Wow Betty. It is difficult for a mother to helplessly watch her child suffer this much. You are strong. You are blessed. May God continue to give you strength and may his loving eyes never leave you and the little one. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Praying for you always.

revjackiemugane The Lord will continually show himself mighty and strong in your life and Ivvana life. He will never forsake you. Thank you for sharing.

cassiebrendah You are a very strong woman Betty to imagine all this was going on and you would still dress up show up get to work and do what you do best that will bring food on the table and still remain our most vibrant presenter I give you mad respect🙏may God continue to bless and protect your health and those you love!she is healed in Jesus Name!very touching and encouraging

kate_actress This is strength 🙏🏿 may God bless you and your little one @bettymuteikyallo

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wawira Betty! I remember the day you were told Ivanna had woken up when we were walking at the arboretum. You’re an amazing human being and mother ❤️❤️

dana_virginia Happened to my sister , thanks to Doctors, I know the anxiety, when all tests are negative and you are helpless, she got healed too

smartieshikoYou are a definition of a strong woman how you smile on upclose seems like nothing was happening wow I love how much you are strong and beautiful in and out may God bless you , baby Ivanna is a testimony and these have encouraged me not to complain of anything but every situation to thank God. Amen