Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat has been lying low like an envelope (big pun intended) after he was accused of infecting a Nakuru lass with herpes.

The scandal saw the Sari Sari hitmaker commit social media suicide; he deleted all the photos on his Instagram account.

DK Kwenye Beat aka Stamina daddy
DK Kwenye Beat and Bahati

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DK Kwenye Beat is back on social media though he doesn’t post as much as he used to. He shared a post talking about how fake people are and he wrote:

Real situations expose fake friends in your life.


Ni Hekima kukata Nyasi Uone Nyoka (It is wise to cut the grass and see Snake).

In another post, the Pakacha hit singer shared his prayer, asking God for guidance.

Lord, I ask for your guidance today as I set out for better opportunities than yesterday.

Do not let me stray from my path for you’re my shepherd oh Lord. Let your staff prevent me from any error and let your eyes watch over me and protect me from all danger. You’re the only God and no matter is too big for you Lord.

So, let flattened all issues that may plague my day Amen.

DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat’s message was echoed by many and reactions include:

millychebby: Sad truth bruh

hopekidhk 💯💯

djpointkenya: It’s not about the people who are fake or real but the journey of life we human travel is to know the person you are,the man/woman you always wanted to be and no man will control (a part from taking a life which man can do) or take away what God as in store for his children…You have one life to live…one life to live bruh…#GODISHAPPY #👉👉👉

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denonjosh Many people just want you when its beneficial for them… Once you get stuck, they all leave… Only this situation can help you differentiate…