Tedd Josiah

Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has asked some Kenyan male celebrities to stop using their status to take advantage of vulnerable girls and women.

According to Tedd being a celeb does not give one the right to disrespect and use other people.

‘You’re a CELEBRITY meaning you are CELEBRATED…. for what? For deeming women?

For drinking yourself stupid? For all the drugs you can consume? Who what????

Now brothers when you become predators attacking vulnerable women with your little money just because you know they need it and you can use your cash to hurt, misuse and abuse them know this.’

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Tedd Josiah

Tedd added,

‘God can and will take that money you are using as a tool to hurt other people.

He can and will take that celebrity status you are using to hurt other people, he can and will bring you to your “road to Damascus” and trust me like Saul you will become Paul.

DON’T TEST GOD just because you are a “Celeb” DON’T!
Let’s raise our daughters to know better men and know men can be better than this.’

In the past we have seen celebs charged for sexual abuse, some have been accused of infecting women with herpes and STI.

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