Diamond and his father
Diamond and his father

Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz’s mother recently revealed that Mzee Abdul Juma is not Diamond’s real dad.

Diamond, whose real name is Nasib Abdul Juma, has been asked by Mzee Abdul to drop his family name ‘Abdul’ as he has been confirmed not to be his father.

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“The fact that the mother spoke, it means, he already knew and gave a go-ahead. We didn’t have problems, I was given a call by people informing me of what Mama Dangote said,” Mzee Abdul ranted.

Well, Mzee says he believes what Mama Dangote said to be true as she is the mother and that he has now found out that this could be the reason the singer wasn’t helping him

“I can’t contradict what she said. I was wondering why I’m not being helped. I feel free because I now know the reason why.

It could be that Diamond knew all about this, thats why he was finding it difficult to help me. he was giving me promises that he couldn’t keep.”

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Diamond father

He went on to say that the reason Mama Dangote has changed is that she is now wealthy.

“I think its because she is rich right now. I feel like she sees me as a poor man who asks for food all the time.”

Asked if he refused Mama Dangote’s pregnancy when she was pregnant with baby Diamond, he denied the claims.

“It doesn’t make sense that she says I refused Diamond’s pregnancy and yet I was the one who raised him.”

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