Harmonize and Rayvanny have been making headlines lately. This is after Rayvanny exposed Harmonize for hitting on actress Kajala and her daughter Paula at the same time.

Rayvanny also provided screenshots to support his allegations.

Screenshots! Rayvanny shades Harmonize for sleeping with mother and her daughter

Since then, its been a battle of who is king. Harmonize revealed that the last woman that he dated was actress Kajala denying the claims that he was also connected to the daughter.

Rayvanny then released a video of a conversation between Harmonize and Paula.

Now, legendary Bongo music producer Pfunk Majani who is also the father to Paula has demanded that Rayvanny and Harmonize stop the ‘rubbish’ and go back to music.

He wrote;

“I think its time we stop the rubbish and let the music take over.”

Mother and daughter are said to have gone to Dubai to get away from all the controversy.

Harmonize to sue Rayvanny and six others for publicizing his nudes