Diamond Platnumz was recently put on blast for sliding into some lasses DMs.

I for one cannot blame him because I believe DMs should be private and a man is going to shoot his shot. Only thing I will keep saying is that Diamond has gotten sloppy about how he does his dirt because he is losing himself to the sauce.

And so I found myself wondering about who the lass was whom he was trying to get familiar with. The lass that had no chills and went out to expose him. I guess because given his reputation, she too thought the man was trying to bed her.

Camille Kisomo
Camille Kisomo

I found myself wondering who this lass is and just how fine does she think she is that she can expose the boy from Tandale? The simba that has conquered many bedrooms and is now reportedly moving into Tunda’s bedroom?

I had to know if she was hot and in all honesty, I have to report that this Kenyan babe na fine babe! Check her out below: