A medical practitioner known as First Doctor on Twitter has advised men to spot spitting on their partner’s cookie during intimacy.

According to the doctor, saliva shouldn’t be used as a lubricant.

‘Saliva is not a va*inal lubricant.
Saliva is not a va*inal lubricant.

Using saliva is unhygienic, unhealthy, rude, and can transfer infections. Stop spitting on her co*chie! Use a va*inal lube or extra vir*in coconut oil.’


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His post ignited mixed reactions and below is what some had to say,

Kirv8h Yaa literally we understand it but who would think of lubricants in that room n atmospheres on temperatures….

Jazetinny So what do u have to say about those men eating the co**hie

Tunji Tunde We can of course conclude that giving head on the va*ina is unhealthy right

ZimTopstries Before these lubs what what. What were our ancestors using?

Sir Franklyn Is giving head equally unhygienic, unhealthy, rude and can transfer infection?? Asking for a friend Smiling face with smiling eyes

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