Ethic vs Xtatic

Gengetone Ethic’s new song Tarimbo has received a heavy backlash online for advocating for the rape of women.

Rapper Xtatic has called out Ethic for the controversial hit and in a series of tweets, she bashed the music group, telling them to stop promoting rape.

I have tried but, TARIMBO by ETHIC sounding a lil … Nah, jus HELLA RAPEY in the context that i believe its meant. It would have done without the last line on the hook. Like, it’s really rape, PREDATOR enabling imagining thousands of people chanting to this. Ugh, Why?’ she tweeted.


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Xtatic went ahead to tweet saying,

Imagine feeding potential predators with such content.

I’m all for rehabilitation and redeeming culture to try to understand people, but I’m struggling between REKLES not knowing better because of environment or getting caught up in the moment.

She added,

People have an image to protect. I’ve got WOMEN AND CHILDREN, and even men, to protect from predatory and rape inciting content that heightens everyone’s chance of being a victim. People’s safety over everything.

She said she would rather listen to foreign music that Ethic’s dirty music.

I am not FUCKIN’ kidding, I rather listen to Nigerian or Tanzanian or South African or Ugandan songs on end if we are saying that this is THE ONLY Kind of music WE CAN PUT ON to progress as an INDUSTRY.
Kenyans have their number one artists with RAPEY CONTENT.
Chaaa! Siwes mimi,’ she tweeted.

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Many supported Xtatic’s two cents and she said she won’t keep quiet and watch artistes promote violence against women in the name of content.

You can talk about sex,
I can and have talked about sex in my content/music.
BUT YOU CAN’T SIMPLY PROMOTE RAPE! That’s not sex that’s rape, Fam.
It doesn’t matter if we have ‘international artists’ rappin the same, no justification there, We’ll CALL OUT ANYONE who promotes rape.

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