Muigai wa Njoroge and his two wives

Controversial musician Muigai Wa Njoroge has asked Kenyan’s not to judge Kenyan artistes based on their life decisions.

Speaking during Mighty Salim’s burial, Muigai addressed the issue that has been spreading on different social media about him marrying two wives.

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Muigai said he is judged since he is a public figure.

“Me having a second wife is not a sin,” Muigai said, he had chosen them for a reason.


“We have our lives as musicians. some people who are here today have more than one wife but nobody asks them since they are not famous. But when God helps Muigai to adds one more wife, the whole world starts fighting me.”

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He continued,

“You want me to grow old so I can get another one? I am not a nun. Let us live our lives. I loved her and I could not live her to stray around with my kids.”

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