Love lives here people. It really does.

Daddy Owen’s wife Farida turned a year older on Saturday. To celebrate her, the gospel singer took her for an exclusive holiday at Maiyan Luxury resort in Nanyuki.

“I like surprising her but this time around it was more of let’s plan and enjoy. So she knew and she had fun,” Owen told Word Is yesterday. Farida is in her thirties and enjoying it.

The couple exchanged their vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Kenya Assemblies of God Buru Buru three years ago, after privately dating for over four years.

Owen says the marriage has been great so far and keeping up with the hard times.

“You can’t say what has been the best and the worst moments because marriage is not like a relationship which one can just walk out of and go,” he said.

“Rather, when the worst comes, we tackle, handle and settle it maturely. Sometimes what looked like the worst moment can be turned to be the best moment in a flash.”

The birthday was exclusively for the couple. “It was just the two of us because we had so much domez to talk about, so we just needed the ‘us’ moment,” he said.

“She was super excited the whole journey coz it’s been a while since we just had our son the other day, so trips zilipungua kiasi. Happy Birthday, my LOVE, we had such a wonderful time together.”

Here are photos from the vavcay.

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