Njambi,emceeing a reggea gig

Sauti Sol’s Bien says Njambi Koikai was their first manager when they started doing music. The former radio host and renowned reggae MC has been recuperating in the US for over a year now.

Recently, she updated her fans that she is healed and will be coming back. Speaking to Word Is yesterday, Bien said Njambi was one of the best managers they have ever had.

“She was a good manager and she made us get a gig that we were paid Sh50,000,” he said.

Asked why they dropped her, Bien said, “The only reason is that she was still in campus. She is our person and we have been supporting her treatment journey and even in her fundraising.”

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Bien says he is praying for her and they are so happy she has pulled through.

In a recent post, one of her friends asked Njambi when she is coming back to Kenya, and Njambi responded, “Very soon.”

In another touching post, she said she has not experienced any air leaks in her chest for a steady four months.

Njambi previously admitted that whenever she had her periods, her lungs would collapse, sending her to the emergency room.

“I am so grateful to God. I have not had a lung collapse in a year and no air leaks in my chest in four months,” she said.

Bien hailed the progress. “On behalf of Sauti Sol, my message is that God has better plans for her through this healing journey. God will use her to greatness.”

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Sauti Sol is currently working on an album.

“To all our fans, we thank you for the amazing support and we wish that you continue supporting our new signees under Sol generation,” Bien said.