Kibera based artiste Stevo Simpo Boy has said he is not currently dating adding that he is not afraid that some random woman will call him out as a dead beat dad.

This he revealed during an interview on Jalango TV.

Stevo who has had a wardrobe overhaul said that women have been trying to grab his attention but he is not impressed by most of them.

I got a dental makeover. Ladies are now all over me because i am now famous.

I am very careful I do not go with them. Currently I don’t have a girlfriend, if I get one I will let you know.

Asked on the qualities he is looking for in a woman he said,

‘I want a respectful lady, a lady who knows what they are doing. I don’t like ladies who make so much noise.’

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Stevo added that he had dated in the past but broke up with the lady due to irreconcilable differences.

‘Kitambo kitambo nlikua na dame lakini tukaachana, mambo flani flani tu.’

Asked if he is afraid someone might come out claiming they are pregnant for him he responded,

‘Ata sitarajii (Am not expecting it)

If you match the qualities he is looking for in a woman, feel free to DM him.

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