The government knows him as Thomas Kwaka but us his loyal fans know his as Big Ted. Many follow his inspirational posts on his social media where he gives advice on various life challenges. Big Ted is the official Deputy Director in charge of State branding and events. The former CEO of Main Events Company lets his fans get a glimpse into his life in his daily update.

Here is one where he speaks about touring with the Comander In Chief himself – The son of Jomo a.k.a President Uhuru Kenyata.

“Over the past month on a tour of duty i have visited two alters of worship with my boss a 138M piece in the middle of nowhere in Vota Machakos & the FEM 1B debt free sunctuary in what has challenged my spirit is not the magnificent architecture & mortar beuty but the heart to give God the best…& believing God in advance for Nothing but exactly that..Ephesians 3:20 is amaizing if read with a new eye i find that there are deep things in the words of God..Paul prays that their souls, their inner hearts and minds might be enlightened by the power of the Spirit of God..see most of us just wade along the shore of the river of life..rarely do we go out into the deep things of God..there is so much that God would have us know, so much God would teach us, if we were teachable about the EXCEEDINGLY-ABUNDABTLY-ABLE GOD..but it needs your spirit to be totally convinced that God is BIGGER than your SITUATION..
iam told that the word abundantly in the Greek is a very descriptive word. The English language limits it. It doesn’t just mean more. It means super abundance in quantity and quality. So a more descriptive picture of what Paul is saying about what God is able to do would be, “Now to Him who is able to do far more super abundantly in quantity and quality than all that we can ask of think of.”…but YOU must BELIEVE it even in YOUR current situation that GOD CAN!!…”

He tool to social media to wish his daughter a happy birthday.

big ted's daughterBig Ted wrote,

“Seven years ago today I received one of the best gifts ever. Not only did you change my life forever but you made me into the person I am today. I love you Nehilet and hope you have a very Happy Birthday today..I want to wish my beautiful, smart, and outgoing daughter the best of GODS blessings as you throw your friends a party..No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll always be my little girl. I love you. May God bless you every day and night! Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day!… Daddy.