Bob Collymore's friends

Bob Collymore was a man of the people. He treated everyone with respect and was genuinely interested in their lives.

To his friends popularly known as ‘The Boys Club’ – made up of top Kenyan CEOs – the loss is greatly felt, Collymore has left a gap that no one can fill.

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Yesterday, friends of Bob three CEOs namely Bharat Thakrar, Joshua Oigara, Lamin Manjang, and a veteran politician Peter Kenneth were hosted by Jeff Koinange on JK Live show on Citizen TV.

Bob Collymore
Bob Collymore with his friends

They talked about their departed friend, showering him with love. Collymore was cremated on Tuesday at the Hindu crematorium in Kariokor.

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Joshua Oigara the CEO of KCB said,

Bob was the most genuine and down to earth person I have ever met. He was genuinely interested in what we were doing.


Two things that impressed me about him; Bob was full of love and he was very hopeful. No situation would discourage him.

Bob Collymore with his friends
The Boys club

Peter Kenneth,

Bob had an infectious attractive manner of making friends and I’m glad I was one of those he called close friends .

He added,

Bob Collymore was a great pilot, he flew me a couple of times. He once flew me to lamu in a helicopter.

Lamin Manjang former Standard Chartered Bank CEO

I first met Bob in 2014 when I had just come to Kenya and a couple of interactions later I got into the group through a call inviting me for dinner. Bob Collymore made people feel special. That quality of reaching out and making people feel special is what we should remember.

Top CEOs in Kenya Lamin Manjang former Standard Chartered Bank CEO, Joshua Oigara CEO KCB, Bharat Thakrar Scand CEO, politician Peter Kenneth and Jeff Koinange


It’s very extraordinary when a CEO is out of the country for several months and is still able to influence and lead a company thousands of miles away.

During his treatment, he was very optimistic that it was going to work. What really struck me was his inner strength; despite all the challenges he was facing, he was still calm gracious and still the Bob that we all know.

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Bharat Thakrar CEO Scangroup

Bob was focused on getting everything right; he kept a very high bar for himself.

There was a sense of friendliness, there was no arrogance; he was very humble, pleasant and with a very warm handshake


Success is not numbers, it’s not the growth of the company, it’s the legacy that you leave behind… Bob touched a lot of people in many ways.

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