Get ready for the action this weekend because public live sports viewing will never be the same again. That’s simply because of the arrival of a first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art, SportPesa mobile commentary and display truck.

Sportpesa Truck
Sportpesa Truck

It’s custom made, it’s ground-breaking and it’s modern. This equipment has set the pace for public television screening worldwide. You definitely want to be part of the unveiling for the first time this Saturday at the live viewing of El Clasico at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi.

This is a notable first for global gaming firm SportPesa, as it continues to set the pace in enhancing customer experience through innovation.

The equipment is a marvel of technologicy which can be equated to a ‘stadium on wheels’. It will revolutionize live sports viewing by creating an atmosphere to bring devoted fans closer to their sporting. It will offer the best interactive experience possible.

The pioneering truck is an invention that will bring SportPesa closer to our customers and the Kenyan public who have stood with us since we rolled out our gaming platform.

By taking live viewing around the nation, the mobile commentary and display unit will be a critical tool in promoting sports.

It will inspire the next generation of local talent to aim for the world stage by bringing the best action closer to their doorsteps,” remarked SportPesa Chief Executive Officer, Captain Ronald Karauri.

It will be a complete package of cutting-edge sports viewing and entertainment all rolled into one to give fans memorable experiences as it goes around Kenya,” the CEO underscored.

There will be a colourful launch ceremony planned for the equipment, mounted on a Mercedes-Benz truck. As is known, Mercedes is a model of quality and sturdiness. That simply means that the equipment is bound to serve Kenyans for years to come.

The truck will be at the centre of Kenya’s first-ever LaLiga Experience in this manner. Sports enthusiasts will get to view what is now termed as “the biggest game on the planet” when Spanish champions Real Madrid CF welcome FC Barcelona to the Bernabeu.

It gets better

Before pitching camp at Uhuru Gardens, the truck will make random stops in a roadshow to give Nairobians a pleasant surprise before being driven in a convoy to the venue.

The unit comes with a commentary and display unit with a position where fans can engage in interviews that are recorded for future use.

It is powered by a massive 40kVA (Kilo Volt Ampheres) generator with a standby 30kVA Uninterruptible Power Unit to ensure that there are no lights out any time during its use and giving it capability to set up in any part of the country, even the remotest of areas.

Two 7.1m tall by 4m wide giant screens are mounted on each side, making it suitable for viewing from distance without congestion as well as giving a 360 degrees stadium feel for fans converging to enjoy their sporting fix.

These screens can be lifted to a staggering height of 7.2m above the ground using technology that has never been used in display trucks to improve on viewing in grounds with little space in what is aimed as accommodating as many fans as possible.

Sportpesa's Truck
Sportpesa’s Truck

It also has a stage facility to allow performances that will keep the crowd engaged with great off air sporting content, delivering on its versatile ability of being an entertainment unit.

The accompanying Public-Address System can be heard from afar with crystal clear sound. The equipment is capable of receiving High Definition television signal and transmitting them in Standard Definition.

In short, it is light years ahead of the technology used in local mobile cinema vans widely known as watoto kaeni chini (sit down, children) that have ruled the Kenyan countryside for decades.

The fixture at the Santiago Bernabeau will be the first of its’ kind to be aired early, 1200 local time (1500 EAT) allowing maximum worldwide viewing.

Sportpesa Truck Live screening
Sportpesa Truck Live screening