Sponsors are here to stay but the sad thing is that most women have turned it into a business venture milking them left right and center.

*Jane confessed  that she has not one but four sponsors despite the fact that she is working.

Here is what she had to say

“I have had 4 sponsors and the beauty about it is that I do not sleep with them,I get money ,goodies but I do not go to bed with them.

All they want is to speak about things they cannot speak with their wife,monthly I receive roughly 25,000 from each ,that’s 100k.”



“The oldest of them I have been with him for the last 5 years and I am 29 years old,the current one I met him this year the others I have dated them in between.

I am an administrator.”

On being asked what she does with the money, she said

“The money might sound so tempting but believe me there is nothing you can do with it Inapotea tu.

I have never slept with any of them they are not my type and they have never requested me to sleep with them

I have nothing tangible I have done with the money sina shamba,nyumba nothing.”

Jan is not alone, *Waithera shared

“Sometimes people get lucky but does she know the source of the money?

I have a friend who is rotting in Langata Women’s Prison for the same mistake of receiving money she has no clue where it came from.

She was sentenced for aiding and abetting because the guy used her account to clean his money.”

‘A miscarriage not only broke our hearts but our relationship too’, – Njambi


‘He would send 5000$ (Ksh 500,000) every month and then suggest that she goes buy land, a car and all that stuff.

When it went down she was the one who was arrested because all the money passed through her account.

It’s good to use the little you have atleast you know where it is coming from.”

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