A MUST WATCH! This TBT Video Of Socialite Huddah Is A Testimony That Money Is Not Everything, But It’s SOMETHING

“It’s VERY sad that Every young gal nowadays wants a SPONSOR- SPONSORS DONT fu*kin EXIST ! Your brain , education EXISTS! Finish your EDUCATION and stop taking it for granted . Some of you sometimes make want to cry! Don’t DM me if you are 13, 14, 15, 16 asking on how you gonna make money . Where are you rushing to? I love you soooo much , and because I do I want you to take your EDUCATION VERY seriously! To be successful in the future, you need a GOOD EDUCATION. Life has no short cuts …. You have to live it day by day , step by step! Young boys and girls , I urge you Someni Kwa bidii, elimu ni msingi wa maisha! LET us be the LEADERS of TOMORROW! #YouthCan #SponsorsDontExist! #SugarMommysDontExist,” hUDDAH WROTE ON HER SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES.

Do you buy her sentiments or nah?