Redsan vs KRG The Don

Local artistes have bashed Redsan for beating up his producer Sappy. The Badda Than Most hitmaker has been accused of not paying his producer, yet he wants his work done in time and to perfection.

Belaire poster. photo credit: Instagram/redsanmusic

Flashy artiste KRG The Don has come out to accuse Redsan of using Kenyan producers then crediting Sony.

Taking to social media, he condemned the heinous act by Redsan.

KRG The Don

‘I’m so sorry my brother Sappy you don’t deserve such treatment after putting in work tirelessly without getting paid for the work you have been doing! This is so sad that this artist can be using other people over and over again then think they don’t have brains!’ he wrote in part.

He added:

This fellow has been using Kenyan producers then in the end he takes credit to Sony Africa.
It happened to me too after I paid for his video expenses in Dubai then I saw the credits go to sony yet I used my personal cash to fund all the expenses including his accommodation, food, drinks and clothes he is so shameless

“I posted about Tiwa being stranded some people said am a hater but the truth is he likes using people and run 🏃🏿‍♂️ His time for using people for the wrong reasons are done ⛔️ now he better start looking for other activities to do in life coz in the music business such people don’t survive.”

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Speaking to KRG said,

Last year December, I sponsored his trip to Dubai, paid for models and outfits, settled hotel bills, but when we came back, his behavior made me not give him the song he had recorded. Up to now, I still have his video but I cannot give it to him unless he reimburses me. He has no manners!

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The singer says Redsan never contributed a single dime towards his song and he says working with him is a big problem.

He reminisces;

In 2016 when we wanted to shoot the video of our song titled Get Wid It, he kept taking me round in circles yet I had paid him. He never wanted to come for the shoot. I was angry and I told Himto either refund my cash or come for the shoot.

The Summer Time hit singer says Redsan then visited him with his brothers and wanted to fight him after he demanded his money. ‘I told him to try and touch me and he would face the consequences. Since then, there was respect between us.’

He says

Redsan has recorded several songs in my studio but because he hasn’t paid, we cannot give them to him. He likes bragging about how he works with Sony yet he doesn’t pay music producers and directors. You can use a producer once but not all the time. Unless he pays Sappy, he doesn’t deserve to get the masters of his songs.

As an artiste, he thinks Redsan should be arrested and apprehended so that he can serve as an example to the other artistes with erratic and bad behavior?

He is a criminal. He should be arrested. Stealing someone’s credit is a very big crime. He should respect other people!

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