Nasty sexual fantasies

A city slay queen is scared of dishing out goodies to her sponsor after ‘eating’ his money.

According to this slay queen, she met the man via social media and he has been very generous to her yet they haven’t met.

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She says her sponsor loves to get dirty in bed and has been begging her to allow him to ‘open her b00ty’ but she’s not a freak when it comes to ‘bedminton‘. She is scared that in case she tries it for the first time, she will end up messing with her excretory system.

Below is what she wrote;

A few months ago, a married man slid in my DM and we’ve been chatting since then. He has been so generous to me and has sent me more than 200k yet we haven’t met yet. face to face.

He talks about anal and all kinds of nasty positions that I can’t even try with my boyfriend.

Soon he will be coming to my country and I’m scared of going to meet him because he is married and could be infected with STDs. Also, the anal sex part is scary, I don’t want to start wearing pampers.

He has promised to get me a job and buy me everyhing I want. What do you think I should do?. PS: He gives me 70k for monthly upkeep.

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Check out reactions from online;

selfcare_on_budget The kind of problems money causes though…. I know it’s not easy but manage the small money you’ve collected already and use it to start something..

itzmoyinoluwa At this present tym, somebody is giving u 70k monthly without touching u 😂😂 sis you destiny is already up for sale, they wil use it to resubscribe. God help u.

FionaT:  The best advice is not to sleep with him. At all. He’s married, once you sleep with him, your life may never be the same again and remember that you’ll marry too.

Asefunke: You have collected enough to back out…invest the money on ursef instead of material things

officialajayi: Maybe the man is Gay and looking for company when he comes home. Gud luck madam

detolamighty: He’s going to use you. He’s promising too much for just anal. He can get anal sex just anywhere. He has a motive. Be careful. Don’t do it. Please 👏

tormiewa When the devil gives you one thing, he will collect 10 in returns, run before it’s too late

oville_collection: My dear don’t even try anal sex for anything please I beg you and as for your bf since he can’t even support you and he has a good job please just walk out of the relationship I beg you and face your single life and hustle when you make it in life men will be many that u will be the one to make a choice.

dictadavis He will sleep with you and no job. Please don’t try it

symee You should have invested the married men are not good …they really going to wreck you

Luther You have a bf yet you’re flirting and collecting money. If your bf does the same, you would blame him. Happy anal 🙄

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