Bahati and diana marua
Bahati and diana marua

Its been about five months now since Bahati married Diana Marua in a traditional wedding. The invites-only affair was held at Diana’s parents’ home where the two made it official.

Four months later, Diana gave birth.

Before then, they had dated for a year and were said to be living together at Bahati’s Ruaka apartment.

Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant
Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant

Toto si toto! Diana Marua showcases her glorious body after birthing baby Heaven

The singer’s fans have previously called Diana mean names but these two are indeed in love. Recently, Diana wrote a message to the singer telling him to spoil her with everything that money can’t buy.

she wrote:

“Spoil me with something that money can’t buy!
Spoil me with real conversations.
Spoil me with supporting my dreams
Spoil me with consistency.
Speak life into me.
Spoil me with your prayers.
Help me to learn and grow.
Show me a love that’s priceless.
Money can’t buy something as organic as chemistry.
Show me that you care.
I’m down for some reciprocity.
Spoil me with Love 💕💕”

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

Awww! Bahati does this amazing thing for his first born daughter Mueni

The two are now blessed with a gorgeous daughter, Heaven Bahati.