Things men do in the name of making love always leave us pissed off and embarrassed.

From kissing as if they are drinking porridge from a calabash to spitting on your guava during lovemaking sessions, some of these men need to take romance classes.

“My Hubby Spits At My Vagina And Accuses It Of Being Too Sweet!” Cries Out Distressed Kenyan Woman

A disgruntled woman who isn’t happy with her lover or rather prayer partner has exposed him and wants help. According to the woman, her lover is terrible when it comes to bedroom matters and he always spits on her honey pot every time they are making love.

“I’m seeing this guy and every time we make out (no sex yet), He always insists on giving me head which I always tell him it’s not a must because I won’t reciprocate.
The issue is because I talked about my ex-lover being good at giving head. He’s trying too hard to impress me and it’s beginning to irritate me.

This guy sucks at giving head and to make matters worse, he pours saliva on the duvet while giving head. Not that I smell down there or I’m dirty. Hell no!!! Now we together and the duvet of my room is soaked with saliva again.
Please, how do I tell him to stop pouring spit on my pussy? How do I tell him to stop licking my pussy like a dog lapping water? How do I tell him that I know he’s pouring spit on my duvet and not offend him?
He’s with me now and it has happened again. i used like 15 mins to clean pussy.”