Yes indeed, the holidays are finally here and in the “Christmas spirit”, most Kenyans have been paid early. This also means that folks need to watch their pockets lest come January or, as we like to call it, “Njaanuary”, you’ll have empty pockets and no money to pay your bills.

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t spend Christmas in a good way. The happy, cheerful mood is something we all need to be. Just last weekend, I was at my esteemed local. It’s a joint along Thika road where I’m served by my always cheerful bar attender, Sam. He was happier than usual and I couldn’t figure out why.

Taking my seat at the counter, he immediately showed me this new spirit called Captain Morgan and insisted that I should try it out. I was shy to try out something new besides my habit of sticking to what I know. I generally have poor experiences with new things and I was also a bit broke.

Before I could even mention to him that I’d prefer to have the usual, Sam showed me the new 250ml bottle.

“This will cost you much less than you think.”, he remarked. “Don’t say a word. Ninakujua sana!”, he continued, just as I was about to open my mouth to speak.

First Picture when Sam brought to me my first Captain Morgan
First Picture when Sam brought to me my first Captain Morgan

Hurriedly bringing a glass, I took a second and admired the nice, neat bottle with a rather cheerful pirate on the label that looked like Sam. It was the captain. Captain Morgan. A signature pose I wasn’t familiar with that I’d love to try got my attention

Sam came back and asked me whether he could open the drink. I nodded and he poured it in to a glass and added a few ice cubes. Then, I took a sip.

The first taste

It hit my nose with a sweet scent. Nice and not too sharp. As it landed on my taste pallet, I immediately sensed the presence of some spicy ingredients. Mmmmhhh..

“This is good” I involuntarily said as Sam looked on.

“Told you so!”, he replied.

I finished the first portion as we continued to speak. After I was done, he reached for some coke in the fridge behind him.

“Let me show you how else you can have it boss”, Sam said confidently.

The taste was heavenly! I knew I had found my drink for the festive season. Wuh. Now, this was one of the few times I tried something new and succeeded at it.

Again, the 250Ml is pocket friendly and yes, you save more.

This weekend

If you’re like me, you like to share a new find. This Christmas weekend, Captain Morgan is on my mind. I’ll be taking out a few friends to try it and I am confident that they’ll love it. After all, it would be unfair for me to enjoy it all by myself, rifgt?

What’s more, I won’t have to worry about “Njaanuary” because it’s easy on my pocket.

Go on and try the new Captain Morgan this festive season. Come back and tell me what you think. Perhaps we could enjoy a nice 250Ml bottle together …and yes, I’ll be buying.

Picture Of My Captain Morgan. Photo / COURTESY
Picture Of My Captain Morgan. Photo / COURTESY