Ivy Wangeci
Ivy Wangeci was killed by someone that she knew

Kenyan writer and violinist Muthonib has penned a touching letter to the late Ivy Wangeci.

Ivy, a sixth-year medical student at Moi University was hacked to death by Naftali Kinuthia on the eve of her 25 birthday.

Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew? photo credit: Facebook
Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew? photo credit: Facebook

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Muthonib’s letter read;

Dearest Ivy Wangeci,

I’m so sorry for the systems and failures in our society that allowed this man to exist, the man who hacked your life away. I’m sorry for all the gossip sites and news outlets calling him your lover, elevating him to a status undeserving of a queen like you.

I’m sorry for all the slander, for all the ways people have dragged your name in the dirt. As if there’s a scale somewhere, of acceptable reasons to kill a woman. To kill anyone. And so they come up with all sorts of stories, to justify the crime. How vile and twisted is this country? Where is the compassion? Where is the empathy?

I cannot even imagine what your family and friends are going through right now. To, first, receive this shocking news followed by the ugly stories.

I want to know about you, your hopes and dreams. I want your story and everything you stood for/hoped for/ dreamed to be what lives on. I wouldn’t want your name to only be associated with this murderer.
Your friends love you, Ivy. They’ve told us who you were and it breaks my heart further that you won’t be here to build the world you dreamed of. The one you have worked so hard to be a part of and contribute to.
May your memory always be love.
May your memory also be justice.

Ivy Wangeci

Ivy Wangeci

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Her letter has touched many and below are touching comments from Kenyans on Ivy Wangeci’s death:

Suzanna Owiyo For heaven sake, life has been lost and you are busy talking about kufunga nunu. Kichwa maji wewe. Let us not be reckless on such matters. I can only imagine what the family is going through now. #RIPIVY

Bervelyn Kats So heartbreaking 💔💔💔

Hon Esther Passaris My deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Ivy Wangechi. There’s absolutely nothing Ivy did or didn’t do to deserve the inhumane violence meted on her. I pray justice prevails. Over to you @DCI_Kenya #RIPIvy #EndFemicide #SayHerNameKe

Suzanna Owiyo It’s painful. The b’tiful ambitious medic is no more.. Who will protect our girls from these beastly acts. May justice prevail. #RIPIVY

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Janet Mbugua Justifying murder. Unacceptable. Someone was killed and people still want to give ‘both sides of the story’. Good luck sleeping with your conscience tonight

Francis Muli I am a man. I have dated. I have left relationships, I have been left for different reasons. I have been rejected, not once, not twice but severally. In all these incidences, there is no reason so big to warrant murder. It doesn’t work? Walk away, move on. #RIPIVY

Allen Valary RIP Ivy

Stephen Siakilo A life is brutally lost…dreams shuttered…hearts broken. Ivy would have wished women to learn smth from her death. We need to be alert of psychos amongst us…ladies n gents alike #RIPIvy.

Cynthia It is soo sad! 😢 i also dont find the ‘shoka’ memes funny either…so sad how quick we judge situations…she was a victim and it could happen to anybody…#RIPIvy

Chausiku If your boyfriend or partner is justifying the murderer of this young lady, and saying that she deserved to die, LEAVE HIM. He doesn’t respect women. You might be next #RIPIVY

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Dockwera There are other ways of resolving disputes, none of those warrants the ‘death sentence’. He had no right whatsoever. #RIPIvy #justiceForIvy

Geoffrey Nyong’a “Friendship is constant in all other things save in the office and affairs of love: Therefore, all hearts in love use their own tongues; Let every eye negotiate for itself And trust no agent.” – William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing #RIPIVY