Amberay and Jamal

Socialite Amber Ray has slammed her ex-lover for a comment he made on his social media.

Ray said that her Ex-hubby (Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda) should respect himself because soon he is going to be a grandfather.

“The other day I saw a my eX writing funny Captions to make fun of me with the same sh*t that he knows deep down that he is the one who put me there…I know it hurts to see another man clean up the mess you created and I know how wicked you are, but can you just respect yourself and your age for once…I mean soon you will be a grandpa.” 

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In August 2018, Amber Ray made it public that she had parted ways with her then-husband Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda and also ceased being Muslim.

In another post, Ray disclosed that the number of messages being sent to her new Husband’s (Jamal Rohosafi) DM has reduced after he revealed that she is the one who manages the accounts.

“Kutoka Husband asema I manage his social media accounts naona DMs za Wanawake zimepungua huko… Na Funny enough wale wanao nitusi kwa comments ndio wako kwa DM na Hi Handsome Binadamu.” 

During a live interview with Jalang’o, Jamal said he has changed his philandering behaviour and has even given Amber all his social media passwords to manage them.