Hapana tambua!


City’s toughest cop Hessy wa Dandora never sleeps on his job. He is always working round the clock to protect Nairobians from notorious criminals. Just a week after releasing a new list of female gangsters terrorizing Eastlands residents, Hessy has exposed yet two other hardcore male criminals namely Jonte and Kamore.

Your Days Are Numbered! Meet The 3 Female Gangsters Giving Kayole And Dandora Residents Sleepless Nights (PHOTOS)

Hessy says he has warned these two severally but his warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

“These are the guys I have warned severally but wamekataa kabisa kubadilika, Jonte (in white) And Kamore (with chains).  Juzi mliibia watu sana and especially women, hapo Buru Ndogo-Dandora Phase 5. Jana pia saa mbili na nusu usiku, mliibia watu simu na pesa, hadi mkadunga mzee fulani hapo kisu. Naskia mnaambia watu mnataka kwenda Mbinguni because mmechoka na dunia, msiwe na wasiwasi, very soon each one of you will get a direct ticket to where you belong.

Kamore Ulihama Dandora ukaenda kuishi Saika, so Nowadays unatoka Saika kuja kusumbua watu hapa Dandora ! Nyinyi !!!! Nyinyi !!!!…… Sawa sawa !!!!!,” read a post by Hessy.

Here are photos of the two thugs giving Dandora residents sleepless nights


Kayole Dandora Criminal


Jonte Dandora Criminal

Kenyans are supporting Hessy and here are some of the comments;

Peter: Hessy warns you once… wakule copper mara dat dat hesy. apana pembeleza wauaji

Jamaal: So young n handsome boys. You have a good future ahead. Form nikutii na kuchanganikana na gava na gava watakujenga. Wacheni ufala. vijana tutulie crime si poa.

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Nyash: Let me start by commending your good work Hessy and your team. That said, please allow me to humbly state that the new era thugs whether in Dandora, Kayole or any other place in our country are used to being warned. So I guess it’s time for action because the warnings ain’t deterring their evil ways. Change is a must and if not elimination is the solution.
Nana: As a parent am left wondering why we are failing our children? Hizi rights za watoto hizi. I thank God nilichapwa and every time I came home with something that was not mine,ile nilikuwa naona na maswali woi ghai.

Victor:  Where do this Kamore stay in Saika? We do like omitting such breakers of the law

Obanda: Hessy hawa snitch wakang’we wote, salute you for that good job

Charles: In hell they belong

Alkim: I have a suggestion why don’t we round up all these idiots take then somewhere far and keep them in a fenced area. I am sure no one will miss them.

Reshan: Direct visa to heaven free and express

Junior: Clear the niggas don’t spare them