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Popular gospel rapper Eko Dydda’s two sons, ‘Keep It Real’, six, and ‘I’m Blessed’, four, have already done five songs. ‘I’m Blessed’ is already working on a new solo song.

Eko Dydda said “He is done with his first single, which will be released in August after he comes from from a tour we are having with other gospel artistes.”

So, how is it raising his kids?

It is amazing. I feel like they are my brothers and not just my kids because they are very sharp, and I thank God for them and I always feel like they are buddies.

They are also performing so well when it comes to education to an extent I feel challenged.

Eko Dydda sons

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Asked to describe their father, ‘Keep it Real’ said: “He is a great dad because he has helped us in music and even protects us. He also buys us gifts if we behave well. I loves Maths and Science.”

By any chance, if they grow up and decide to change their career, the dad says he will support them.

“Growing up was different and I know that if I was given an opportunity to choose what I wanted, maybe I would be very different,” Dydda said.

“If it reaches a time and they say they want to do something else apart from music, I won’t deny them that chance. Instead I will fully support them.”

Eko Dydda sons

In future, the two want to be artistes like their father, as well as footballers.