Kenyans have taken to Twitter to make fun of the lion statue erected on Uhuru Highway with the words ‘Welcome to Nairobi City County’ written below it.

The statue looks like a knock-off version of a lion statue, which got a number of Twitter users wondering why Governor Mike Sonko’s government had it placed in the city centre.

The statue evokes memories of the ‘Kidero grass’ which was supposed to have grown in a short span of time before then President Barrack Obama’s visit to Kenya in 2015. The county spent upwards of Sh40 million for the beautification project, which included landscaping and planting of grass on Mombasa Road.

The question now is: How much was spent on the lion statue on Uhuru Highway and was it worth the cash?

Here are some of the reactions to the statue:

@kibyegonLion that looks like he’s contemplating hard economic times aside…How about just Nairobi City or Nairobi County and not Nairobi City County..Sonko is so extra!

@IssahAnekmasterChurchill live is coming to the city centre due to public demandbudget-ilikosekana-kenyans-make-fun-sonko-lion-statue-city-centrebudget-ilikosekana-kenyans-make-fun-sonko-lion-statue-city-centre

@AishaWanjiku_ Hehe vituko

@KenneMwikyathe Nairobi county Brazilian weave lion for 10 years of never having to go to CBD

budget-ilikosekana-kenyans-make-fun-sonko-lion-statue-city-centre@Kenyanmemes: Why does that lion look like a big toy? Nairobi you played yourself with this one.

@lwalubengo: Why, Sonko, why?

@RobiaStephenDrive slowly lion sighted in Nairobi town

@JohnRono: KCB please save us from this mediocrity. Kindly consider providing a suitable replacement as part of your CSR. No lion worth its salt looks like this. Nairobi deserves better.

@tonynjueLAWD! NO! This is NOT my city. First Christmas and Disco Lights (that are still on in March) then this… nooooo

@jackiekasivaJeez. This our gafana is obsessed with these lions…he has same same at the entrance

@Quiet_WatchEven the lion himself appears not convinced he’s a lion.of his Mua hills home

@MykAngaya: How much is this thing?

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