Sonko and Babu Owino have been locked n a war of words with each other over this nonsense called politics and the pair of them have shared some choice salvos.

Mike Sonko who happens to be the governor of Nairobi County went off on a tangent threatening to use Mungiki to do grievous bodily harm to Babu Owino. And After writing that, I am actually surprised that the chap didn’t get hauled into the nearest police station for threatening to visit harm on Babu’s person.

And while we are used to Sonko’s over the top statements and antics, I was taken by surprise on hearing babu Owino’s rebuttal. It was… Unexpected. He essential said that when he looks at Mike Sonko, he is reminded of a full figured woman and he has the solution to Mike Sonko’s discomfort -between his pants. Yep, he is going to uhm… “nitakutia┬ákiu”.

No really, check this out:

Actually, what he said was, ”

“Nimeona ukona figure 8! Nataka nikuje niingize kittu ndani!”