Gospel Music is big in Kenya. This also reflects on the popular jams on Songa By Safaricom music streaming app. The uptake over the past couple of months is incredible after a record number of Gospel acts have started signing up.
In partnership with CITAM,  Songa By Safaricom has come up with an event to show the diverse range of gospel artists within the app.
It is a free concert that also aims to emphasize that Songa is for all artists and for all period.
The artistes headlining are Evelyn Wanjiru, Eko Dydda and Moji Short Baba while their supporting acts are award-winning Masterpiece, Weezdom and also very brand new acts associated with CITAM.
Songa By Safaricom has the mission of giving artistes a credible platform to showcase their works both in the Songa app and through Songa supported events like Rhythm and Praise.
With Songa supporting events like this, the artist is sure to get the maximum press and media coverage as we push by utilizing all our available media assets.
CITAM conceptualised the idea that has been supported by Songa By Safaricom to achieve their goal.
Songa Music general manager, Chinasa Udeala told Mpasho.co.ke:

CITAM is an institution close to my heart, unlike a lot of other institutions, CITAM recognizes that to reach the youth in Kenya you need to be youthful at heart. Based on this premise, they also recognize that music is the vehicle that the youth use in identifying and relating to instances in their lives. When you are sad you listen to music, when you are happy you dance to music and when you are just plain bored you flick through radio or TV channels looking for new or relatable music. So it only makes sense to CITAM to hop onto this vehicle called music as a means of reaching out to the youth.

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