In an effort to open up the Songa by Safaricom platform to all music lovers in Kenya and reach a wider demographic, the app has launched a more affordable subscription plan through the new gold package which effectively reduces the cost of subscription to Ksh 5, a day.

The fans of the music streaming app will be able to access all local, African and selected International content on the Songa music platform.

For the pocket-friendly price, the everyday Kenyan will be able to access over 2 million tracks on the platform, download the tracks and playlists into the app and stream or listen to music without using their phone data.

The beauty of this is that the subscription gives users access to unlimited in-app music download allowing for data free streaming of the content. Users can also create playlists that suit their mood after all the app boasts of a rich music database.

Chinasa Udeala the Songa Music general Manager told mpasho,

“Songa is different from all other apps within the Kenyan Music space simply because we recognize that music is an emotional product. Having this top of mind we understand that every Kenyan has his or her own local music hero or hero’s.”


“In keeping with this mindset, Songa has not only opened up its platform by way of a more affordable of 5 bob a day but has also developed activities and initiatives aimed at championing, promoting and supporting local Kenyan artists. These activities you will see put into action in the next few weeks.”

The decision to reduce the cost was based on the desire to open up the Songa by Safaricom platform to a wider demographic of music lovers in Kenya.

To get the app dial *812# or download it from the google app store.