Kate actress family
Kate actress family

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, says her son’s pleas for a spacious house pushed her to work harder.

Cate told Radio Jambo:

My son would call me and ask me if I had gotten a big house so I could stay with him. 

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The stylish mother of one says her mother helped her raise her son after she moved out. She said:

I started living in a bedsitter, but I would make sure I visit my son at my mum’s house, and on weekends, have him stay at my place.

Her son always asked her why her house was small, and that motivated her to keep working hard. She said:

‘Why don’t I live with you?’ he’d say. I would cry every day and tell God to let this be my motivation.


She has now been married to Philip Karanja for almost two years. The two, who started off as actors on the ‘Mother-in-Law’ show on Citizen TV, just cannot stay away from each other. She said:

He was my director in the show and really helped me package my career. I love him because he is an organised person with a lot of potential.

Celina Kamau and Phil Karanja

The worst trolls she gets are when she posts pictures with her husband:

people write ugly things about us. It feels so bad, knowing that my life has been a journey, and some even involve my son.

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