Wendy Waeni

Joe Mwangi alias Joe Mwas, former manager of gymnast Wendy Waeni has responded to claims that he used the young girl for his personal gains.

On Wednesday during an interview with Jeff Koinange, Wendy said she and her family aren’t living a good life because of Joe Mwangi.

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I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager (Joe Mwangi).

She also added that her mother never received any money from her manager.


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Joe has taken to Twitter to defend himself, saying he never left the country in the company of Waeni.

On the video, it has been said that I (Joe) has traveled all over the world with Wendy,
FACT : I have NEVER, NEVER EVER left this country in the company of Wendy Waeni.
Anybody with any proof that I flew out any given time with her, put it here,’ he Tweeted.

Mpasho.co.ke has some of the photos Mwangi took with Waeni

Joe Mwangi Joe Mwangi

He added,

Its alleged that for more than 5 yrs Wendy has never received a penny I mean….which parent in this World will allow his/her kid to be misused for not 1 month, not 1 year,but 5 years..?????

The rogue man now claims someone is behind his downfall and that what Wendy said was scripted.

Wendy Waeni

Check out the reactions from Kenyans

Donald Kipkorir Wendy Waeni is a child & I trust her word … Joe Mwangi used her & her social media accounts to enrich himself … Joe exploited her innocence to get access to Presidents & powerful men … Joe Mwangi should be charged with international crimes of Child Slavery & Trafficking.

Bernard Oduor And you have the guts to defend yourself

Newton Mutuma My unbiased observation, 1. This kid is as innocent and dead honest. You can’t make it to coach her to lie to that extent. 2. What interest though would @KoinangeJeff
have in such a kid’s fortune? Hapa ni tantrums th unarusha.

Meshack Kibagendi Which channel did you use to pay @WendyWaeni
?? Did you pay her cash,Mpesa or through Bank? Please tell us and produce supportive documents, we are waiting

Peter Tell us about her social media accounts. yaani wewe ndio ulikua unatweet kama ngombe apa unafanya tunachukia mtoto bure