Chris Kirubi

City tycoon Chris Kirubi has left tongues wagging after talking about relationships. The father of two, who was featured on Churchill Show journey series edition, shared his tremendous journey story leaving many inspired.

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Kirubi shared a tweet about why marriages can be tough.

If you are lucky, God will bless you with a good woman. If unlucky you will find yourself in jail. It’s like some ladies go to the military before getting into marriage. What are your thought on matters of love and marriage. Let me hear from you.,’ HE Tweeted.

His post ignited mixed reactions, which include;

Eric Ndemange You are giving out threatening stories when some of us are planning to start a family

Kamangu Marriage is like gambling, I fear marriage too.

Faith Nashipar Military wife. I believe that marriage is a life lived by two people who learn to accommodate each other, love and care for each other and enjoy daily simple moments together!

Gayfred Love is a beautiful thing. But don’t let emotions cloud your judgement. I’m talking business and relationship. A blend of the two is most cases, one dilutes the other. Go ahead!

Faith Kamene Marry your best friend, who respects the word of GOD, understands, appreciates both your weaknesses and strengths and you are free with to be yourself both in good or bad times. Simply makes you happy plus very silly Hugging face Life is too short #ChurchillShow.

jamwada I think marriage should be more of having those uncomfortable conversations which are vital for the growth of both you and your partner rather than leaving issues to assumption; it’s a time bomb which will eventually go off!

Millennia Momma Women can uplift you to greatness or pull you to downfall…..yes, marriage is a gamble!…. If lucky to get the right woman, you win…if unfortunate to fall for the wrong one, you can die easily.

Ms Kanyi Men have a contribution towards the turn out of their spouses. An Angel can be turned into a devil if pushed to the wall. There are equally bad men as well.

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