Size 8
Mateke hit-maker crying during her baby shower

Gospel power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 will be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary this month.

The couple got married in a low key wedding ceremony seven years ago and just like any other marriage, their union hasn’t been all rosy.

They have seen it all and despite that, they’re still together.

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On Monday’s, Dine with the Murayas show, they hosted a couple, that is set to wed next month and their wedding budget is  Ksh 2 million.

They have dated for six years and the lady wants a flamboyant wedding because her engagement was big although the husband isn’t for the idea.

Size 8 used their relationship as an example and while advising the guest couple, she said,

‘every girl wants to wear white and look good [on their wedding]. but  when DJ Mo and I decided we wanted to get married, he came home and met my parents, did all the formalities, they gave us their blessings then tukashikanishwa na pastor na story ikaisha.’

The mother of two is afraid that her friends might regret in future and she revealed that most of the marriages break because of financial constraints.

‘Nimeona wasee wengi wakiget into marriage na debts and most marriages where couples borrow money or use all their savings end up in divorce. one of the main reasons that lead to divorce is lack of finances, not even cheating or having problems with getting kids,’ she explained.

The Mateke hitmaker continued;

have a wedding under the budget that is doable. when it comes to marriage, you can’t do things because of other people, you’ll not have a marriage that works. For the seven years we’ve been in marriage I’ve realised it is between you two and God at the centre. Marriage is a whole journey and a wedding is just an event. Sisemi mfanye come we stay but a wedding at a budget you can afford because as time goes by you’ll need to invest that money on other things. so be wise. A prudent wife is from the Lord and wisdom builds a home.

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Speaking about the first stages of his relationship with Size 8, DJ Mo said not everyone supported them.

‘Nikimuendea [Size 8] some family members were against our relationship,’ he said during dinner with THEIR guests.

The artiste-cum-pastor while advising her fellow woman, she told her,

‘what I’ve come to realise is things I used to see before I got married and what I see after marriage are very different. kwa ground vitu ni different.’

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