Pastor Migiwi

Church business is booming across the continent. Advising Christians on choosing a house of worship to attend, Pastor Migwi said,

“If the pastor of a church you’re interested in loves money, like how much you contribute; loves themselves so much more than any other person; you need appointments and have to pay to see them — then that isn’t a true man of God.”

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Of late, Kenya has been making headlines in East Africa in terms of shenanigans by flashy pastors who live luxurious lifestyles.

We have seen worshipers of different churches clean roads for their prophets, others even lay carpets for their ‘Mums and Dads’ to step on while addressing their congregations.

“I condemn such men and women of God. Any pastor who asks his congregation to plant a seed and give tithe is not a man of God. Jesus fed 5,000 and why would you force your congregation to feed you?’ Migwi posed.


“Some of these Christians address their pastors as Mum and Dad yet they’ve neglected their parents back home. Some are even planning to pamper their pastors with gifts this Christmas and maybe their biological parents are suffering.” 

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He explained the sad reality of such clerics, saying,

“Some of them, all they think about is building posh houses in leafy suburbs. If you think you will manipulate people and build mansions using their hard-earned cash, you’ll never have peace in such homes.” 

Various city pastors have been put on the spot for demanding too much from their congregants. Pastor Migwi said,

“Pastors and their congregation should be equal. Whatever benefits the pastor gets, each and every member of their church should, too. From throwing birthdays to contributing to hospital bills, all are equal in the Kingdom of God.”

False prophets

Migwi lashed out at his counterparts who pocket offerings.

There are some pastors who’ve been in the ministry for more than 20 years but squander offerings, buy flashy cars, hire security personnel to protect them everywhere they go instead of building their churches,” he said.

“Why would you let your congregants worship God in a tent instead of building a nice church for your Father?”

False prophets are on the rise, with many stage-managing miracles. Pastor Migwi said most do it for clout and to make money.

In 100 prophets, it’s only two who are right, and Kenyans need to know that. The problem we have in Kenya right now is that when someone gets saved, they want to become prophets, claiming that they’re God-sent,” he said.

“People get healed when prayed for but most of the local pastors are fake. When Jesus used to heal people, he used to tell them ‘go and don’t tell anyone’. Also, while healing people, he never gave the devil a chance to speak, unlike our pastors who give congregants mics to speak during deliverance. Why do you give Satan airtime on TV to speak? These are jokes being mixed with Christianity.”

He added,

“Those are jokes and it’s business, to sell fear to people so you can get followers. However, manipulating or brainwashing people isn’t easy and to do it, you need to be smart.”

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