Aspiring politician Alinur Mohammed has let the cat out of the bag claiming that media personality Betty Kyallo has political ambitions.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Ali Baba, Alinur said,

“Betty Kyallo is a good friend of mine we talk often,and everyone knows she was a media personality. Yes, she wants to run for the seat for women’s representative in Nairobi.”

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Ali Baba asked what Alinur’s role is in her life.

“We can say you are the mentor to betty Kyalo?” Ali baba asked.

He responded,

“yes. exactly.”

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Alinur continued,

“I invited her to one of my football tournaments in California, she did not hesitate, she was happy and she attended as a mentee.”

Asked to clarify his relationship with Betty, the businessman stated,

“I’m not in a relationship with betty, I’m a family man, a father of 2, sisi kama waislamu tunapewa nafasi nne, we don’t do things chini ya maji. we do things out in the public.”

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Alinur made headlines when he helped former Tahidi High actor Omosh who was experiencing financial doldrums. Yaani alikua amesota.

Asked about the criticism he received for helping, Ali nur said,

“I saw his video on social media, and for a man to cry you know that things are not easy as at all. I watched it over and over again. I later looked for him and gave him what I had. people will talk but we don’t care. when you give someone something you don’t ask for permission. I’m rich in the heart, not pocket.”

Responding to people who claimed that his move was to gain political mileage, he said,

“I don’t mind that at all bro., I have seen many things, sometimes I help off the camera. Sometimes you have to come out and help regardless of religion or if they have no God. It doesn’t matter. I gave with a clean heart.”

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