Videos of plus size Kenyan women showing off their well-endowed bodies at  Nairobi club surfaced.

In the exclusive videos Mpasho is in possession of, women can be seen swinging their bodies from one corner to another and some are even touched by revelers and seem to enjoy it.

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The women were contesting at miss curvy event which was held recently at a popular CBD club. Some of the contestants stormed the runway skimpily dressed in two-piece bikinis only covering their chest area and privates parts leaving little to the imagination. Some even had their buttocks wobbling as they cat-walked.

Image result for gif of a man looking at a woman

In one of the videos, two male revelers can be seen pulling dirty dances with a female party-goer, who seems to be enjoying despite the men ‘misusing’ her.

Dancing to infamous daggering dance style as Bendover song by Jamaica;’s RDX is played in the background the two men almost had sex live on stage with the lady.

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Below are the videos which prove that the city under the sun is being turned into Sodom and Gomorrah.

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