A video of two young Kenyan men dancing seductively at the Joe Boy concert which was held yesterday at the Ngong Racecourse has shocked many.

Despite the heavy downpour, revelers turned up to enjoy cool music from Nigeria’s superstar Joe Boy though many claim he performed for less that 15 minutes.

In the video that has gone viral, a chubby lad is seen grinding his behind on a slim guy’s genitals, dancing vigorously as the crowd watched in disbelief.

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The two drew the attention of many revelers but were not moved by the stares.They continued grinding on each other, and seemed to be enjoying the attention from revelers.

Below is the video

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daniel_triks kwani hakukua na madame😂😂

conny_nimoh_mbugua God it’s time just blow the trumpet now

agevirinoh holy crap

Rop K. Evanson He does it much better than my girlfriend 😂😂😂😂 ,

Lavina Akongo Lord have mercy

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Nyandika Dennis Mungu shukisha moto 🔥

Bonface Sikuku God forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing 😥😣😪

brian_obrian Let them live their lives, they ain’t hurting nobody

sir_alvinamisi Tf.. Hizi ni ninja mbili.. Sword fight 🤣.. Disgusting

mama_daisy_gram Did he fall in a beer barrel?😫

Mafrango Mo wako tu sawa hakuna makosa

Caroly Opondo Who am I to judge?Wacha madume wakulane..Ala!..But mimi no virgin huko nyuma and I will die a virgin.hehe

29_samm Let people have fun. Calling people names just cause you’re Hating their choices & cause they weren’t raised by same old rules as you were, shows how highly you think of yourself. {Am str8 but I Respect people}