Let me just simplify things for you. A sociopath is a psychopath that cares for people within their circle and strictly within their circle. That is the main definitive feature that separates psychopaths and sociopaths.

Hollywood for a time glorified these two antisocial personality disorders but make no mistake about it, they have their downside and sometimes these outweigh the benefits.

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Most celebrities are a mixture of sociopathy and narcissism but few are actually psychopathic. Those that are usually tend to be narcopaths (a ccross between narcissism and psychopathy).

I was recently talking to a friend of mine and the topic of Bahati and his baby mama came up. We both agreed that Bahati shows strong signs of sociopathy. Allow me to explain.

#1. Bahati is Machiavellian

Nothing shows this better than how he used every single controversy to grow his brand. He manipulated every single scenario to his benefit. One can say he has been manipulating his newfound daughter for the same ends. More so when you learn she isn’t someone he recently discovered and the speed with which he ran to do a photoshoot with her is an vindication of this fact. I mean, she already has a social media account and he did all this without consulting her mother.

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And why do you think he is always crying on his tracks? It’s because he realized that it’s bought him mileage -especially in his feuds with Willy Paul.
#2. Bahati is socially intelligent

I love religion. Anything dogmatic actually because it strips you of the right to argue. That is why politicians run to cry in church. Because they will get to say their piece and you have no help but to hold you counsel. That is why Bahati ensures he posts photos of himself in church looking prayerful? he tricks you mind not to ask questions.

Who the hell took these convenient photos?
Who the hell took these convenient photos?

Another thing that I love about him is just how well he learnt to read social cues. He knows how to be a chameleon about his affairs.

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#3. Bahati is ruthless

Remember what he did to Weezdom simply for jamming with Willy Paul?

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He deleted his music off Youtube. That is a special kind of ruthlessness that even I admire! I love how easy it was for Bahati to make the decision to setback Weezdom to the level of a new artist.

you have finish me lol

Add this to the story of how he has treated the mother of his child with disdain. The lass who hasn’t seen Bahati for two years as he ducked and weaved her, was more surprised than anyone when he asked for a day with the child only for her to see him showcasing her on social media -creating the facade that he is a loving father. THEN saying nothing when Bahati stans attacked her for registering her protestations!
#4. Bahati is clinical and logical

Everything Bahati does is geared towards helping him achieve a goal. He is the best example of the ends justifying the means. He used Diana Marua to impact the culture. Who do you think started the prayer partner craze?

Everyone he has ever taken a jab at was targeted for a reason -to elicit emotion but raise Bahati’s profile. He sees the entire chess board!

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