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As if calling her a prostitute was not enough, Pendo has thrown YET another MAJOR barrage of shade at Vera Sidika. She called out Vera for claiming that reality TV show Nairobi Diaries is scripted, and defended the position of the producers who from the start stated that it was unscripted in the commercials.

This happened after she released a set of steamy photos earlier today. Pendo says that she’s finally TAKING OVER as the queen of socialites. Will Vera let this happen? Is Pendo’s a** big enough to carry all the attention? Certainly no…not as fat as Vera’s but her cleavage is definitely worth a mention.

Guess What? Here’s A Close Up View Of Socialite Pendo’s Breasts [Photos

This battle has been going on for quite a while. Vera claimed that she is not inclined to dating the same caliber of men as Pendo does. Pendo on the other hand bluntly called Vera a prostitute, who sells what she sells.

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