Controversial socialite Huddah Monroe has come out to defend Akothee after her alleged sex tape leaked.

In the video that has gone viral, a dark-skinned woman resembling Akothee but slightly bigger than her is having sex with a black man.


The singer has so far denied she’s the one in the video.

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Huddah, while commenting on the leaked sex tape she said,

Never watched something so tasteless! I returned it to the sender! They asked why I told them to watch again and ask themselves why they sent it to me,’ she posted.


Never watched a sex tape that was soo flat like that one y’all claiming is Akothee. It can’t be her with all the energy she has! If it’s her she needs a rewinds selekta video and start again. We need action.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers shared a video telling off those spreading rumors that she’s the one in the viral sex tape.

Tell those idiots who are forcing me to release a sex tape I’ll not! I know why they want me to release a sex tape because you’ve run out of ideas and want to steal my styles.

Have you ever seen a cat making love? Never! That’s me. Everyone loves sex including me and I have it every day and I will not parade what I do in bed everywhere. Idiots! Get your facts right before saying I’m the one on the sex tape [doing rounds].

The mother of five went ahead to tell her haters that they can never bring her down.

You think you can bring me down? You spend sleepless nights planning my downfall. In short, my sex tape is never going to come anytime out soon.

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The singer, who recently held a fundraiser to raise money for Akothee foundation, which aims at helping hunger and drought-stricken residents of Turkana said,

When I release a song you say ‘ooh she can’t sing,’ when I win awards you say I paid to get it. When I do something great you don’t talk about it. But now a sex tape is out you insist its mine. Show me the two dimples on my back. My ass is well oiled and has no many stretchmarks compared to that in the video. Please stop insisting I’m the one in the video yet it isn’t me.